What is Measure CC?

What is Measure CC?

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What is Measure CC?

Measure CC is a voter initiative put on the ballot by the people of Santa Ana. Measure CC regulates and controls medical cannabis dispensaries with an enforceable set of rules that protects public safety while allowing safe, affordable access for legitimate medical marijuana patients.


The People of the City of Santa Ana do hereby enact and ordain as follows:

This initiative shall be known and may be cited as The Santa Ana Medical Cannabis Restriction and Limitation Act.

¿Lo que es Measure CC?

Measure CC es una iniciativa de los votantes poner en la boleta electoral por el pueblo de Santa Ana. Measure CC regula y controla los dispensarios médicos de marijuana con las normas de obligado cumplimiento que protege la seguridad pública al tiempo que permite el acceso seguro y asequible para los pacientes de marijuana medicinal legítimos.

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Testimonial Law Enforcement Support For Measure CC

As a retired law enforcement professional, I know that the voice of police is crucial in the dialogue about drug policy.

From a law enforcement perspective, reforming medical marijuana laws is a matter of public safety. Patients need to have access to adequate amounts of quality, regulated medicine, just like a patient prescribed any other medication. Patients should not need to search for that medicine from an unknown source, risking their safety and benefiting illicit drug dealers.

Giving patients a safe and local option to get their medicine is a sound policy that will enhance public safety. Forcing patients to buy marijuana from potentially dangerous criminals ultimately benefits the criminals and threatens the safety of the patient.

A 2011 study by the RAND Corporation disproved the common misconception that medical marijuana dispensaries attract crime. In a study of crime near Los Angeles dispensaries, RAND found that after dispensaries were required to close, crime nearby actually increased. In 2012, a UCLA study entitled “Exploring the Ecological Association between Crime and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries” found that “density of medical marijuana dispensaries was not associated with violent or property crime rates.”
There are many law enforcement agencies that are successfully regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Some examples include the cities of Los Angeles, Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and West Hollywood in which there have been no spikes in crime surrounding properly regulated store-front operations.
Illicit and criminal distribution of marijuana would be greatly reduced in Santa Ana by adopting the reasonable rules permitting regulated medical marijuana dispensaries that are proposed in Measure CC. Concerns surrounding crime are addressed by the sensible security protocols included in the measure which allow law enforcement to work with the legitimate providers and patients to ensure public safety.

As a criminal justice professional, I urge you to vote for Measure CC – to enhance public safety, while protecting the rights of patients.

Diane Goldstein
Lieutenant, Redondo Beach Police Department (Ret.)
Executive Board member, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition